It's A Firefighter Thing

Unique Wood Creations
with a Firefighter Theme
We Accept:

Axe Plaques
Personalized, hand-crafted solid oak axe plaque, measuring 11"H x 24"L with a 36" axe that has a solid bronze axe head with an oak handle. Plaque and axe handle have a lacquer finish. Highlight colors are Red or Black. Personal information you want to include; such as name, department, company, rank and years of service. Plaque is available in three styles.

Axe Plaque - Script/Vinyl
Name above axe, in raised oak script lettering; up to 25 letters & spaces. Department initials below axe are oak. Information below axe to left and right of initials are vinyl.

Axe Plaque - Script/Carved
Axe plaque is a combination of raised oak script lettering above axe; and carved information below axe.

Axe Plaque - Fully Carved
Axe plaque has fully carved information above and below axe.

Axe Only - Carved Handle
Information carved on axe handle. Brackets included.
Badge / Maltese Cross
Personalized solid oak products, have a lacquer finish. Highlight colors are Red or Black.
You provide personal information, such as name, department, company, unit, rank, years of service.

Solid Oak Badge / Maltese Cross
14" x 14" x 3/4"

Solid Oak Badge Clock/Maltese Cross
14" x 14" x 3/4"
You provide photo for center.
Coat / Hat Rack
Solid Oak Coat/Hat Rack
7½" H 34½" L, 6 pegs
Key Holder ~ Picture Frames

Solid Oak Key Holder
8¼" H x 10¼" L, with hooks
Shown with Fire Scramble
Solod Oak Picture Frames
8¼" H x 10¼" L
Available as key holder
Rocking Chair - Storage Chest - Storage Trunk

Rocking Chair
Shown in pine, with Firefighter Design and child's name. Suitable for ages 1 to 7 years. Rocker design helps to deter accidental rock backs. Also available in solid oak.
Pine - $89.00 ~ Solid Oak - $149.00

Solid Oak Storage Chest
22"H x 36"L x 20" sides.
With safety lid support

Solid Oak Storage Trunk
12" H x 24" L x 12¾;" Sides
With safety lid support
"E" Plaque - "F" Plaque - Fire Truck Plaque
Personalized plaques in solid redwood with a lacquer finish suitable for outdoor use.
Highlight colors are Red or Black.

Solid Redwood "E" Plaque
7" H x 18" L

Solid Redwood "F" Plaque
10½" H x 20" L. Shown with Fire Scramble.

Solid Redwood Fire Truck Plaque
9" H x 18" L. Personalize with name.

Looking for a gift or award for someone in the Fire Service Community? We manufacture unique personalized, handcrafted wood gift awards to show your appreciation to a Firefighter for their dedication and service to your Fire Department and Community. We offer Retirement, Recognition, Memorial Axes and Axe Plaques, Maltese Cross Badge Plaques and Clocks, Signs and Fire Truck Plaques Signs, Rocking Chairs, Picture Frames, Toy Boxes/Storage Chests and Trunks; all with a Firefighter Theme.